Why haven’t I ever heard of Cool-n-Save?

/Why haven’t I ever heard of Cool-n-Save?
Why haven’t I ever heard of Cool-n-Save? 2017-06-08T21:54:15+00:00

Why aren’t you guys famous?

The big question we get from almost everyone is, “Why haven’t I heard of Cool-n-Save before?” Or this one, “If this is such a great idea, why aren’t you guys famous?”

First, let’s answer the easiest question of all. Air Conditioning manufacturers, distributors and repair service professionals depend on maintenance, repairs and replacement of equipment for their income. Reducing the need for repairs and parts replacement and increasing the condensers life expectancy by reducing head pressure and shortening cycle time would not in their best interest. The Cool-n-Save System can lengthen the condenser’s life from 10% to 50%.

The next part is a bit more complicated. The first inventor of Cool-n-Save is Larry McKenna. He had a lot of experience working on HVAC and originally hatched the idea to build the first misting system. After a few refinements, Larry had a paddle and valve system that was pretty reliable. Then Larry met Matthew Underwood and the two of them got to work to refine the concept and get it ready for funding. Ray Wyman got involved a bit later, and these guys have taken the company to where it is today.

There were some false turns – problems with investors – and bad decisions on partners, but what business doesn’t have at least a few bumps on the road to prosperity? Moreover, Cool-n-Save is a bit of a rebel product. We don’t have a lot of friends in the HVAC industry (that’s for sure). We have no friends in the power generation – flatly turned down by public utilities for support. And that was AFTER we finished all of our studies and won the TechAmerica award in 2011. But we’ve always had our customers. Literally thousands of individuals who have discovered Cool-n-Save and have stuck with us since the beginning.

So, in a way, we ARE famous.

Today, we have business and legal support from a corporate office in Denver, CO and a marketing/shipping office in Huntington Beach, CA. We’re a lot smaller than we’ve been in the past, but we’re a nimble company made up of long-time friends who will continue to support our customers. And we are looking forward to serving you.

Have other questions?

We may have the answer here:

Q: Will Cool-n-Save System VOID MY WARRANTY?

A: The Federal Trade Commission’s Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act (P.L. 93-637) states that a manufacturer cannot void or disavow a warranty due to an added-on, second-party product unless it is proven that the second-party product does, in fact, damage equipment and notifies the second-party manufacturer and its customers. The Greenway Design Group, Inc., nor any of its customers, has ever received any such notice or letter from any manufacturer regarding issues of a condenser being affected by the Cool-n-Save® Air Conditioner Pre-Cooling System.

Q: Is the Cool-n-Save® System easy to install?

A: Yes! The Cool-n-Save® System is easily installed with 5 steps and in about 5 minutes!

Q: Will this increase my water bill?

A: No! You will see very little difference in your water bill whereas the unit only runs when the AC condenser is on. The amount of water per nozzle is only .3 gallons per hour/per nozzle. The Cool-n-Save® may only add about 6 cents per day to your water bill.

Q: Will this create buildup on my condenser coils?

A: Without proper monthly maintenance, it is possible. Cool Release, proprietary water treatment system, works to prevent the small amounts of calcium, lime, or rust that can buildup on the coils. Although the water from the nozzles evaporates almost immediately, in certain climates, some wetness may reach the coils. Just to be safe, it is always a good idea to spray down the outside of your condenser monthly with a 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar, and rinse it off. This is a good maintenance idea with or without the Cool-n-Save system attached.

Q: Will the Cool-n-Save® system tie up my water faucet?

A: The Cool-n-Save® doesn’t have to tie up the water faucet. Although you do need a continuous water source for the system to work you can buy a “Y” splitter from any hardware store which will allow you to leave the Cool-n-Save® water supply running and still access the faucet for other uses.

Q: My nozzles are clogged, what can I do?

A: Although it is unusual there is a possibility that one or more of the misting nozzles may clog if there is a high amount of minerals in the water. If this happens, simply remove the nozzles, soak them in a Lime or Hard Water removal product (found at any hardware store) for about 5 minutes and replace them.

Q: Do I need to remove it for winter?

A: There is no reason to remove the Cool-n-Save® “control valve” from the top of your AC condenser, however it is recommended to unhook the water supply and drain the feed line prior to cold weather. Failure to do so could result in freezing and cracking.

Q: Does the Cool-n-Save® system work on all AC condensers?

A: The Cool-n-Save® system can be fitted to all residential air conditioning units with the exchange air vents on top of the unit (the most common configuration). Not recommended for Heat Pumps when in “Heat Mode.” If purchased for a Heat Pump, disconnect the water source when the temperature is consistently below 75 degrees. Running water during ‘Heat Mode” will damage the Heat Pump.

Q: If I need more than one unit, can they be attached together to run off of one water source?

A: Yes, there are splitters in every kit that will allow you to run several units in a chain.

Q: Is there a web-based customer service area to help me if I run into any issues?

A: Yes, the Cool-n-Save® support center is specifically designed for this purpose. Have a question? Send email to support@coolnsave.com

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