• This kit gives you extra length of 1/4" tubing and other parts for your Cool-n-Save system. Package Includes:
    • 20' Flexible 1/4" - 1000PSI Nylon 12 Tubing - light cream color
    • 1 - 1/4" Push Lock Coupling Union
    • 3 - .012" Brass/Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles (Medium Flow) - 10/24 Thread
    • 1 - 1/4" -Push Lock Tee for connecting 2 Cool-n-Save systems on one water line.
  • CNS101: Cool-n-Save Basic Kit. Recommended for most 1 - 2 ton residential AC units. The kit comes with everything that is needed to install. Installation is in five steps. The average installation takes about 5 minutes. to you with everything you need to start saving money today, including:
    • 1 x Cool-n-Save Control valve and Paddle
    • 3 x 2 ft Misting arms
    • 3 x brass misting nozzles
    • 1 x Cool Release Water Treatment Filter (3 month)
    • 1 x 20' of flexible water feed line
    • 1 x Garden Hose adapter
  • We recommend that you replace expended cartridges (every season) to ensure trouble-free benefits of Cool-n-Save®. We do not recommend using Cool-n-Save without a functioning Cool Release water treatment cartridge. Even if your home is equipped with a water softening system, some particulates and sediment could remain and clog the micro mist nozzles. Includes: 1 x three-month Cool Release cartridge
  • The Expansion Kit is an ideal add-on for either a new Cool-n-Save installation or an existing one. The expansion kit deepens and extends the cooling effect around the AC unit. The expansion kit includes:
    • 2 x 30" Misting arms
    • 2 x brass misting nozzles
    • 2 x "T" lock junction fittings
    • 2 x expansion water feed tubes

Due to extreme HARD WATER conditions, CNS will not sell or ship to: Arizona, Nevada, Palm Springs, CA or any other zone deemed harmful to HVAC equipment. Dismiss