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Instantly Save up to 30% on your Air Conditioning costs with Cool-N-Save
Water Treatment System

Cool Release™: the ultimate water treatment system.

Cool Release™ is an advanced in-line water treatment system designed to control scaling that may occur due to mineral deposits found in your water. A 3-month cartridge is included with every Cool-n-Save® kit. You can opt for a 6-month cartridge when you buy online. We advise that you replace expended cartridges to ensure trouble-free benefits of Cool-n-Save®.

Cool Release water treatment chemically neutralizes common sediment and other chemicals found in your water that could clog the micro nozzles. Non-phosphate polyacrylate agents also attack scale-forming calcium molecules and distorts their geometry. Treated minerals are further dispersed through the water and washed away with minimal adhesion to critical components of your air conditioning unit.

Two years of work went into to Cool Release water treatment technology. We enlisted the help of the nation's foremost experts in water treatment technology to ensure that Cool-n-Save® delivers a sustainable solution to spiraling energy costs.

Cool-n-Save® uses less than 6c of water per day. Even combined with the cost of replacement treatment cartridges, you're way ahead in terms of cost savings from reduced energy use. Most of our customers make back the whole cost of the kit in the first season.

Cool Release™ will eliminate most scale-causing minerals, but in some extreme cases, residue may still develop. We have found that areas characterized extreme atmospheric heat (in excess of 100°F for more than 40 days a year), low relative humidity (below 30%), and higher than normal levels of dissolved minerals in local water supply may leave enough mineral in the mist water to develop 'dry spray' residue on coils, fins, and other surfaces.

If you live in an area where all three conditions exist, check the Cool Release water treatment system to ensure that it is working properly; replace water treatment cartridges when they expire; and if necessary, clean the cooling fins and coils with a SOFT brush and a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water, or a foaming coil cleaner.


Save up to 30% on your Air Conditioning costs with Cool-N-Save

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Saves up to 30% instantly on your AC costs!
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