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An award-winning
device that allows
central AC units to
work more efficiently.

Water mist absorbs
excess heat, and
cools the air around
your AC unit.

And almost anyone
can install it
in 5 easy steps and
about 5 minutes.

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All air conditioning systems fall victim to excess heat.

Cool-n-Save is an award-winning, patented product that helps your central AC unit stay cool and helps you save money.

No matter how efficient your central air conditioning system, heat is not its friend. The hotter it gets, the more energy it uses. Cool-n-Save® is an easy to install patented product that can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% – when you need it most!

Air Conditioning’s Heat Problem

The problem with the AC system is that in extreme heat, many conventional air conditioners are unable to effectively transfer their stored heat into the surrounding air. They are forced to work harder and longer to cool the air in your home, shortening their life and producing unreasonably high electric bills. Read more (AC, Hot Air Problem)

The Magic of Water Mist

When ultra-fine water mist is released into the air, it evaporates almost instantly. This “flash evaporation” literally sucks heat out of the air, as the water absorbs the energy it needs to evaporate. This process, called “adiabatic saturation,” is a well-known scientific principal that has been used for years to lower air temperature in outdoor zones. The result of this constant, immediate evaporation is a substantial drop in ambient temperature without wetness. The air temperature near a misting system is automatically lowered by as much as 30 degrees. Read more (the GENUS PRODUCT that’s saving thousands of Americans money)

What’s your focus? Saving Money or Saving the Planet?

No matter where you fall in the debate about the climate, the one thing that everyone can agree is that it’s cool to save money. And the more air conditioning you need, the more money you can save. Cool-n-Save is an Award-winning product. And we have continued that work to offer our customer a true innovation that reduces energy consumption and saves money – safely, inexpensively and effectively. But we’re not using this as a way to “green wash” what we offer. Read more (Saving money or Greenwashing)

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